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The most modern cable cars in the region

Situated in the heart of the Bucegi Mountains and reaching the highest altitude of any cable car in Romania  (2050 m), Sinaia Gondola can be seen as the transition point between sky and earth, between beautiful and spectacular.

The 1000-1400 section of Sinaia Gondola starts from Furnica neighborhood, travelling to an altitude of 1400m over a distance of 1312m. This section was opened in 2007 and is served by 34 gondolas, each being able to carry up to eight people. At full capacity, this section is capable of transporting 1700 people per hour and each gondola is provided with external pockets for skis and snowboards.

Being equipped with ultramodern functioning systems and the latest technology in its field, the 1400-2000 section of the Sinaia Gondola  is one of the latest and most performant cable installations inEurope and arguably  the Globe, merging both the high and low altitude ski areas of Sinaia. The 1400-2000 section of Sinaia Gondola has two diesel engines and the latest energy saving system, named Direct Drive, which ensures a 20% reduction in electricity consumption as against traditional systems.

This new section of Sinaia Gondola establishes three national records: the installation reaches the highest altitude in Romania (2050 meters); in Valea cu Brazi area it reaches the greatest height from the ground ever recorded by an installation of this kind (120 meters) as well as crossing the steepest segment of a cable installation – 45 degrees at the first three pylons.

The installation has 42 gondolas with eight seats each, a maximum capacity of 1500 people / hour and a 2000 meters line. This project represents an 8.5 million euros investment made by Transport Urban Sinaia through contracting a bank credit, finalized in only seven months.

The Soarelui Chairlift, being a modern cable installation with 85 chairs, was developed for the slopes on the west side. The retractable hood, ecological red leather seather, alongside with the silent engines offer tourists the most comfortable chairlift trips from Romania.

Pârtia Nouă skilift is a babyski set for people learning how to ski or snowboard and is situated at the end of Pârtia Nouă slope. Throughout the skilift’s distance there is artifical lighting installed which is perfectly suited for extended skiing or snowboarding days.