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We offer three modern sports facilities where you can practice football, athletics, tennis, basketball and volleyball.

“Principesa Maria” Sports Facility was renovated in the year 2012, comprising a minifootball court with nightlight. This court has official minifootball pitch dimensions, being recommended for 5+1 players on each team. The astroturf pitch is covered in plaid from SBR rubber granules, a playing surface known for its shock absorption and skid, in this way reducing the risks of accidents.

“Colegiul Mihail Cantacuzino” Sports Facility is the most modern and extensive sports facility in Sinaia, where you can play numerous sports. It comprises: a minifootball pitch and a tennis field, both covered in astroturf; a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court and a running track – all covered in plaid from SBR rubber granules. There is also a space with natural grass for athletics training which includes a sand pit and a marked area for shot put. The minifotbal pitch is recommended for maximum 7+1 players per team, while the other courts – the basketball, tennis and volleyball courts – were built with the official dimensions regulated by each sports discipline. 

“Mara” Sports Facility is situated in the back of the hotel with the same name, being composed of two tennis courts and nightlights. These courts have the official tennis court dimensions, being covered with a plaid surface.