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We are responsible for everything that moves in Sinaia. 

Alongside with the rebranding project of the company completed in 2016, we’ve created a performance information system for clients using this service, representing an innovation of the public transportation domain in Romania. In all bus stations, the display system is presented as an information panel in which there are clearly stated the hours in which the buses will arrive to the station, as well as the next and previous stations. Alongside this information, a minimalist map with all routes has been developed for all information panels. Whilst implementing the new system, we have also replaced all the minibuses with modern and comfortable buses, thus expanding the transport capacities and delivering better, more modern services.

At the moment, our fleet is constituted of four buses – 3 of which are BMSs and one is a Scania – and a couch used for occasional transportation. All our means of conveyance have special access and seats for people with disabilities.

Our BMC buses were built in 2007, having 24 seats and 49 standing spaces.

The Scania bus is the last acquisition of Transport Urban Sinaia, being in our fleet since 2014. It was built in 2011, having 34 seats and 100 standing spaces.

The couch was acquired in the same time as the BMC buses, in 2007, being also the year it was made. The couch has 33 seats and a modern A/C installed.